[Best Hair Straightener Products & Hair Styling Tools Online]-JASON MAKKI
[Best Keratin Hair Treatment Products & Hair Styling Tools Online]-JASON MAKKI
[Best Keratin Hair Treatment Products & Hair Styling Tools Online]-JASON MAKKI
[Best Keratin Hair Treatment Products & Hair Styling Tools Online]-JASON MAKKI
[Best Keratin Hair Treatment Products & Hair Styling Tools Online]-JASON MAKKI
[Best Keratin Hair Treatment Products & Hair Styling Tools Online]-JASON MAKKI
[Best Keratin Hair Straightener Products & Hair Styling Tools Online]-JASON MAKKI
[Best Keratin Hair Treatment Products & Hair Styling Tools Online]-JASON MAKKI
[Best Keratin Hair Treatment Products & Hair Styling Tools Online]-JASON MAKKI

JASON MAKKI Slim Fully Touchscreen Hair Straightener

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Gain Confidence & Trust Your Hair With Jason Makki Touchscreen Slim Hair Straightener

JASON MAKKI Keratin Hair Straightener is equipped with high quality ceramic coating enriched with oil for smooth, shiny, healthy-looking hair.

Hair straightener distribute heat evenly without damaging hair. Equipped with heat shield technology that provides 100% thermal insulation. No more snagging: 1 inch thin Plate for faster heating with double spring-loaded styling plates for smoother and even pressure on the hair. 

  • Package includes: hair straightener, heat resistance comb, a black glove and travel bag.
  • LCD Fully Touch Screen & Swivel Cord: LCD touch screen features strong sensitivity which is fast-response; 360-degree swivel cord ideal for superb maneuverability.
  • Easy Handle Lock: Travel Handle Lock makes it easy to take away with you on the go.
  • Smart Heat-Up Time & Temp Settings: 40 second heat-up for keratin hair treatment and under 20 sec for daily use. Temperature 130-240°C equal to 250-470℉
  • Infrared Heat-Up & Ionic Technology: uses advanced heat-up and ionic technology for sealing in natural moisture, giving you great results without compromising the condition of your hair.
  • 3D floating ceramic slim plates: to avoid hair snagging, give you an effortless styling experience.
  • Plug: It comes with an EU built-in cord, but depending on your country we will include a US or UK adapter.
  • Voltage:  the transport lock and worldwide voltage adjustment (110/220-240 V) allows you to straighten your hair even when you are travelling.

Jason Makki straightener empowered with 3 heating levels and each levels come with a unique colour code which represents a unique temperate. The flat iron temperature set between 130-240°C equal to 250-470℉ which suitable for multiple hair types, for daily use or Keratin treatment, both men and women. If your hair is thin and brittle, lower temperatures are safer, but thicker and more luscious hair can handle higher temperatures. This damage-free high quality ceramic hair straightener helps retain moisture and improves your hair in the long run.

Fast responsive touchscreen flat iron for more convenient operation. It comes a screen safety lock for avoiding changing the temperature while straightening hair. The tip of the flat iron has enough room that ables you to hold tip of the flat iron without burning your hand which is allowing you to have a better control on longer hair, especially getting 100% better result when you do keratin treatment or all sort of hair treatment. Hair straightener with Travel safety lock avoids damaging flat iron and easy to carry . 3D floating ceramic slim plates allows you easily get close to the root of your hair, and continuously adjust the angle when you move, to avoid hair snagging, give you an effortless styling experience. Advanced touchscreen control panel together with LCD screen, make temperature adjustment much faster and easier, better than any physical button control. Ergonomically handles help eliminate hand fatigue by increasing styling flexibility. 

The digital LCD display will show the current temperature at any time. 360-degree swivel cord design for convenience. The professional hair straightener uses strong materials with a durable design. Jason Makki's hair straightener meets your different straightening. The ceramic slim plates balance the ions in the hair, reducing the appearance of frizz. It is easy to set a natural and smooth radiant. We believe that safety should be our first priority. For the customers' protection, all components are manufactured with the highest quality and good materials. Flat iron engineered well that avoids burning your scalp and it should be safe, recommend to check manual user for the safety. It is also something you can do by yourself and get DIY styles that you want.  

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What is in the Package?

Jason Makki flat iron hair straightener comes with high quality heat resistance comb for daily use and keratin treatment, a black glove for extra protection for DIY, travel bag and with a luxury packaging which is an ideal gift to someone you love!



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Customer Reviews

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Lenova Corn

I love my new straightener!! Sleek design, easy to use, haven't burnt my ears yet either. Woohoo.. love it.

Finally I found it

Finally I found a straightener that fulfils all my needs, all in one. I can easily adjust the temperature of the hair straightener since I have thick hair and and get my hair with 180 degrees and it can be set from a range of 130-240, super smoothed plates and it sets with single touch, super happy with touchscreen mode. The straightener glides smoothly through the hair without the hair being torn out and it comes with a heat-resistant comb which is super handy. The straightener also comes with a black bag, which is very convenient when you travel a lot. The sweet part, It also came with an US adapter. I am super satisfied and can recommend this straightener with the best of my conscience, especially for the women among us whose hair has been heavily stressed by chemistry.
Thank you Jason Makki for your amazing hair straightener and Daily Hair Care Products, love them.

Keisha Forrest

Love the design of this "hair straightener." It's sleek, innovative and love that it gets to the high temperatures quickly. Love supporting Jason Makki Brand; He's one of our best $tylist!!!

Sanjay Singh


Mohamad Labanieh
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