Jason Makki Keratin shampoo for dry and damaged hair
Jason Makki Keratin Shmapoo for dry hair - shinny and smooth hair- jason makki

JASON MAKKI KERATIN SHAMPOO - Vegan Proteins - Daily Hair Shampoo

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Give your hair that gentle cleanse! JASON MAKKI KERATIN SHAMPOO prepares each strand to receive the optimized hair goal. It has Keratin supermolecules that replenishes each strand with the required protein, enhancing the natural hair fibers and nourishes the hair without any damage. It protects the hair from external harm and functions as a basic structure to a potent, glossy and smooth hair. This can be used as Keratin Treatment after care or on daily basis, especially suitable with the use of our other range of hair care products.

  • Deep nourishment and purified hair
  • Gentle hair cleanser and smoothness
  • Glossy shiny hair
  • Strength and thickness
  • Improved hair elasticity and reduced the split-ends.
  • Replenishes the natural hair protein
  • Deep micro penetration
  • Natural looking and bouncy hair
  • Protective shield against external damage.

Product properties: Gentle Hair Cleansing, Moisturizing, Nourishment and After care

Special Characteristics: SLS free, Cruelty free

Gender:  Men and Women

Made in: Germany

Bottle Size: 250ml 8.8 fl oz

Jason Makki Keratin Shampoo Will Heal Your Hair Right From The Shower

JASON MAKKI KERATIN SHAMPOO is made of vegan protein and amino acids which plays an essential role in the restoration of damaged hair into fine, nourished and clean smooth hair. 

how to use keratin shampoo

Our Keratin Shampoo is SLS free and tested on our hair. It is mild and gentle which helps in retaining the natural moisture and shine while the hair is being washed. It is safe for dyed hair as it keeps the colour and it is not harsh for the already treated hair.

Highly recommend for keratin treatment after care, dyed hair after care and daily hair care.

    HOW TO USE: Rinse hair with water and lather a decent amount of Keratin Shampoo according to the length and thickness. Gently massage the shampoo into the scalp and the tips of the hair. Wash off your hair until there is no more shampoo residue. Best followed by JASON MAKKI KERATIN CONDITIONER. 


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    Gentle Shampoo

    My hair feels clean after using the shampoo. It lathers very well. It feels soft and smooth after washing and after blow dry. My colored hair has more shine and it isn’t harsh on my treated hair. The scent is also wonderful and subtle. I’m giving 5 stars and also 5 thumbs up 😊👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼.