Jason Makki Optimizer hairline optimizer
Jason Makki Hairline Optimzer allow you to apply hair fibers easier and faster with natural  hairline
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Hair Fiber Optimizer For Natural Looking Hairline

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to create that perfect hairline, then look no further! Jason made a hair fiber optimizer with its simple unique design that allows you to create a seamlessly natural-looking hairline, every time! At times when our fiber optimizer is applied, excess fibers can fall over your hairline. The hair fiber hairline optimizer gives a natural look to the fibers applied on the forehead. Jason Makki's fiber optimizer prevents fibers from falling onto the forehead to achieve a natural-looking hairline.

The hairline optimizer is especially effective for people experiencing a recession on their frontal hairline that wish to achieve that perfect look. Our fiber optimizer will help deliver precise coverage in thinning areas of hair and create greater durability for a long-lasting flawless look. By using the hair optimizer you will see a convincing, softer look across your front hairline. No more unnatural straight lines achieve that soft natural look in seconds. It is very easy to use and avoid fibers to fall into your eyes and face. It is suitable for all kinds of hair and for both, men and women.


  • Give a natural look to the fibers applied on the forehead
  • Natural hairline
  • Avoid fibers to fall into the face
  • Fast and easy to use
  • For men and women

How To Use

  • Insert Hairline Optimiser into your frontal hairline.
  • Shake or spray Hair Fiber liberally onto hairline using Optimizer card.
  • Watch our tutorial video for a better understanding 

Customer Reviews

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Perfect Hairline and Guide

I am glad that this tool is included in the Extra Hair Fibers Package that I bought. It helps me to catch the fibers from falling off to my shirt. I also use it to tap back the hair fibers residue to my touched up area so nothing is wasted. The curved shape works like a stencil for my hairline so it works like a guide for me. I recommend this for a clean and precise extra hair fiber application.

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