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Love it!

We use them both with my girl 🥰👍

KERATIN SHAMPOO - Vegan Proteins
Anda Peter Mølgaard
Love it!

Love it!


Love the design of this "hair straightener." It's sleek, innovative and love that it gets to the high temperatures quickly. Love supporting Jason Makki Brand; He's one of our best $tylist!!!

Keratin shampoo & conditioner

Love, love, love the shampoo and conditioner makes my hair absolutely amazing, going to reorder.

Keratin Treatment

I have used several different keratin treatments over the years, but none of them have worked as good as this one! By far the best! Easy to apply, great instructions! Using the hair mask alongside it also helps to keep my hair in great condition.

Melanie Kohlberg

Super Service

Christian Guerrero
I love this product

The product is amazing to be 100% Honest I'll keep buying it it's great value and high quality thanks Jason Makki Keep doing you I love the results!! Great Job!!!



Very quick delivery to Australia !

Great products and quick delivery to au.

Works well for Afro Hair

I have Afro Caribbean hair which i hard to manage. I uswd Jasons keratin treatment and it worked excellent for my hair. Soft silky smooth hair. Definitely recommended this for black girls. And straighteners are amazing too. Love his products.

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Sehr gutes Produkt

Seit dem ich das probiert habe, nehme ich nie wieder etwas anderes.
Danke .Top Produkt.

Sehr sehr zufrieden

Schon nach dem ersten waschen fühlen sich meine Haare viel besser an! Klare Kaufempfehlung.
Top Top.

Tina Stojanovic
Sehr sehr zufrieden

Das Produkt hält was er verspricht. Mein Haar fühlt sich geschmeidig,glatt und Gesund an. Bin absolut begeistert. Hab mir sofort nochmal das Produkt gekauft. Als Geschenk auch zu empfehlen. Top Top Produkt

Sehr gutes Produkt

Muss schon sagen bin begeistert über das Produkt hab mir nochmal das Produkt bestellt.
Wie in der Beschreibung vom Produkt steht ausführlich beschrieben wie man es verwenden tut. Nur zu empfehlen, bin begeistert.

Megan Averal Mirza

I love it 😍

K. Fibbe-Subcharoen

It is incredible and so easy to use. I took it to my hair dresser and let him spray it on my hair. My hair from bald became thicker. It is absolutely magic. My hair dresser will buy the product to use at his shop in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It is absolutely fabulous product. He told me to buy 10 or 20 more. I love what I see. Hope it does not rain.

Martin Fibbe
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The king of all combs

What a pleasure to use Jason Makki's comb as a daily styling tool. It is an excellent addition..!

Very Good

Thank you!

Safe and effective! My hair looks amazing!

I regularly have the Keratin Treatment done to my long hair in the salon every 3 months for the regrowth. Usually the process involves that smoke and strong smell but it was a different experience to this one. This product does not contain Formaldehyde according to the packaging and the product description. I felt safe and confident that it is a good hair product. It did not irritate my eyes and doesn’t have that strong smell. It almost have no smoke when my hair was being ironed. I am also delighted with the result. My hair looks amazing!


I found this product by chance! I have been suffering with menopausal hair! Very dry, brittle and damaged. After one use I can already see a difference. My hair is so soft and shiny! Definitely 5 stars! Also I’m in the UK and the delivery was super quick! The price is well worth it for the size of the bottle. Will definitely be buying again!

So happy with the result

At first I was hesitant to buy this product because I was not confident to do the process alone. I purchased anyway. So, I went to the salon nearby and brought this for my Keratin Treatment. The instructions was easy to follow and I also showed Jason’s video to my hairstylist before she did the treatment for me. We were both very impressed and happy with the result. My hair was dry and wavy but after the treatment it became straight, smooth to touch and I’m so happy because it looks healthier and shiny. My hairstylist told me that they would like to order and use it in their salon too.

Perfect Hairline and Guide

I am glad that this tool is included in the Extra Hair Fibers Package that I bought. It helps me to catch the fibers from falling off to my shirt. I also use it to tap back the hair fibers residue to my touched up area so nothing is wasted. The curved shape works like a stencil for my hairline so it works like a guide for me. I recommend this for a clean and precise extra hair fiber application.

Extraordinary Hairstyling Powder

I bought this product because of my curiosity and it was a game changer! This is a very nice alternative to the hair gel and wax. It is like a baby powder but it gives a very nice hair volume all throughout the day. It is light and does not weigh down my hairstyle. Believe it or not, my hair was still flexible even after 6 hours and it was easy for me to change and manage a new hairstyle. I am happy with this product because it is so good and not messy. I am completely switching to this product and no more sticky hair gel anymore.

Perfect Quick Hairstyle

This is a good hack especially for someone who doesn’t have plenty of time to stay in front of the mirror. Saves my day and perfect for a quick Hairstyle! It is so easy to use and hold. I'm happy with my new hairstyle just by using this comb and a good hair styling product.